Dr. Alicia Grace

What do you get when you cross a credentialed counselor, a seasoned minister and a joyful brain geek? Me. 

After years of having success in most areas of my life, I was fed up and embarrassed that I couldn't figure out how to have a healthy relationship with food and my body. I was determined to figure it out in a way that I could live (and eat) the rest of my life.

I've lost the extra 55 lbs and know, with conviction, it's off for good. 

It's been a couple of years and even through the pandemic, family health issues and significant professional transitions, it has STAYED off.

I feel free in ways I had only imagined. In ways I am committed to other women knowing and experiencing.

I use what I know: how to change our mind for good by using and teaching accessible brain science, how to meet ourselves with compassion while leaving the usual excuses behind and by keeping commitments to ourselves, our goals and our dreams through the use of developing habits that will serve a lifetime. 

And yup, there is a lot of writing and rewiring of the brain.

 I meet you at the crossroads of mind, spirit and heart. And in a body that I've learned to love, appreciate and am proud to call home.

With a big dose of laughter, occasional irreverence, and the belief in you (when you don't yet), I'd be honored to support your journey.